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System Navigator for Raza Microelectronics Alchemy™ Processors
System Navigator tools for
Alchemy Solutions Au1200™ and Au1500™ Processors

The Raza Alchemy™ Solutions Au1200™ and Au1500™ processors provide high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip (SOC) solutions for the Internet Edge device market. To visit the Raza Microelectronics web site and learn more about the processors, click here.

The System Navigator is designed to support the special features and integrated peripherals of the Alchemy processors.

The System Navigator is contained in a compact chassis that connects to the target system using a standard 14-pin EJTAG debug connector. Two versions of the System Navigator probe are available. One supports USB 2.0 host host connections and the other supports both USB 2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet. The System Navigator also supports all of the latest MIPS cores with EJTAG version 2.50 or later.

Extensive debugger support including Eclipse-based Navigator IDE Debugger on Windows and Linux

Software development tools used with the System Navigator probes include the GNU-based MIPS SDE toolchain and the new MIPS Navigator™ IDE debugger. All the probe features are available from the Navigator IDE interface which has an Eclipse-standard interface and CDT components with special plug-ins for processor debugging using the probe. For more information about the MIPS software , click here. The System Navigator probes are also supported by the Viosoft embedded Linux Arriba debugger and Mentor Graphics Embedded Nucleus EDGE debugger. Now you can use the System Navigator probe with the best-in-class software tools for an intuitive, easy to use interface. The system runs on a PC with Windows® NT/2000/XP or RedHat Linux and requires a USB 2.0 or 10/100 Ethernet connection (optional).

Key Features
• Utilizes On-Chip Instrumentation (OCI™) debug extensions in the synthesizable core
• Supports AMD Alchemy Au1500 and Au1550 processors and development boards. Also supports all MIPS 4K™, 4KE™, 4KS™, M4K™, 5K™, 20K™, 24K™, and 25K™ cores
• Supports multiple source level debuggers including; GNU-based MIPS SDE toolchain GDB/Insight, Mentor Graphics code|lab and XRAY® debuggers, and Viosoft Arriba
• Unlimited software breakpoints via SDBBP instruction
• Single step by assembly or C source line
• Read-write all CPU registers
• Read-write memory whether CPU is stopped or running
• MIPS-standard hardware breakpoints
• Flash programming support
• Go, halt processor run control
• Low-level access to JTAG functions for silicon verification
• Single line assembler and disassembler
• Command-line interface with Tcl/tk scripting language standard
• Binary software interface adheres to MDI specification
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